MTC places a high regard for excellent copyediting. In line with this, we pride ourselves on having a team of brilliant US, UK, and local copy editors, with experience ranging from 5 to 20 years, to handle our copyediting projects. Our editors are versatile in performing various levels of copyediting, from light to complex, and strictly follow the required copyediting guidelines.

Our copyediting staff are well versed in various style guides, including:

  • Scientific Style and Format (CBE)
  • APA Publication Manual
  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • AMA Manual of Style
  • ACS Style Guide

One of the reasons why MTC is known for consistent client retention is our copyediting expertise. This makes us the preferred partner of first-time and experienced authors, contributors, and editors in working with books, journals, and other publication materials.


Professional typesetting plays a huge part in enhancing the appearance and readability of a book or a publication; hence, MTC is equipped with the right tools and manpower to handle this area. Our typesetters are efficient, reliable, and dedicated to delivering quality layout. All aspects of document preparation are guaranteed to meet print specification. Furthermore, MTC uses a wide range of typesetting tools, including 3B2, InDesign, and Quark Xpress. However complex the layout (the preparation of illustrations, mathematical equations, tables, etc.), MTC always ensures quality output.

Project Management

Our success and future growth depend upon our positive relationship with clients. And the go-to people who help us achieve this are our highly competent project managers (PMs). They are the contact persons to whom all questions/issues/concerns about the project should be referred. Hence, we only have the cream of the crop; our PMs are all fluent in speaking English and have all graduated from prestigious, reputable universities. Most of them have more than 20 years of experience in working for BPO companies.

At MTC, we believe that “time is of the essence”; hence, our company operates 24/6 and extend to 7 days a week, if needed. This gives our project managers adequate time to liaise accurately with our clients and project editors to ensure that any additional instructions and modification requests are relayed to production staff. As a result, the production staff are able to produce quality output in the shortest time possible.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance (QA) staff are an independent team that is separate from production (copyediting and typesetting). They monitor feedback from editors to create reports on performance, process specification guidelines, and training requirements for production staff, and ensure quality in the major deliverables of MTC. Our QA staff are well trained in checking the accuracy of text, inconsistencies in layout, and correct implementation of instructions and updates. These rigorous checking processes undergo numerous stages so that the work flows smoothly from first proofs to printer stage.


After the text undergoes professional copyediting, QA checking, and typesetting, the next step is proofreading. Our proofreading staff are precise in catching minute errors and inconsistencies and ensuring that the proofs are in accordance with the style sheet specifications. In addition to spelling, punctuation, and grammar checks, MTC proofreaders check the consistency of capitalization, italicization, hyphenation, and spelling styles and for books with heavy equations, the correct usage of symbols.

Contact Info

You can contact or visit us during working hours.

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  • (+632)856-71-93
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