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Apple's iPad

eBook, also known as digital book, is an electronic version of a book. It does not necessarily mean that an eBook has a printed version, but most of them do.

Because of the release of new eBook readers or gadgets that have eBook reader capabilities, the market for eBook has grown significantly. With the release of Apple's iPad (with iBook software) and Amazon's Kindle, and their positive feedback, more consumers are searching for electronic versions of books they want to read. With thousands of free eBooks readily available for download on the Internet, more readers are finding the convenience of eBooks.

Advantages of an eBook

Costs Though an eBook reader costs more compared to one printed book, the eBook itself is generally cheaper. There are lots of old fiction books found in public domain that can be downloaded for free.

Amazon's Kindle

Availability and Distribution eBook is generally offered via the Internet, so it is available for download 24/7 and is ready for use immediately. Customers do not have to wait for a book to be delivered via courier, or go to a bookshop or library which is open only for a limited number of hours. eBook will always be available and will never "run out of print." Having books online also means that customers can be provided with updates and revisions for free. Books can be updated to different formats when new reading devices or file formats become available.
Portability and Storage Since most eBook readers are lightweight and small, people can carry hundreds of books with them wherever they go. The only limitation will be the memory storage of the eBook reader.
Other Features Most new eBook readers are capable of playing sounds, are capable of displaying videos, and have built-in dictionaries. The font size of these readers can be adjusted for easy reading or better page viewing. Many eBook readers also have features such as text-to-speech software (or the capability to convert texts to sound), word searches, bookmarking, and highlighting.

eBook Process Workflow

Here at MTC, we accept different kinds of input for conversion to ePub format. We are capable of producing a basic ePub, an enhanced ePub, a fixed layout ePub for the iPad, and mobi or prc file for the Kindle. If you want to know more about our process and what we could offer to our clients, please click here.

To give you an idea on our work flow, here's our general work flow for producing our high quality eBooks:

eBook Formats

There are several proprietary and non-proprietary file formats available for eBook, the most common of which are the portable document format (PDF) and the *.epub format. Below are some examples of eBook formats:

Non-Proprietary Proprietary
*.azw (Amazon)
*.opf (E-Book System)
*tr2; *tr3 (TomeRaider)

eBook Readers Available in the Market

Manufacturer Model Supported File Format
Apple iPad* depends on the eReader applications installed, but the core file format used by Apple is epub.
Amazon Kindle
(2, 3, DX, WiFi, 3G)
azw, html, mobi, pdf, txt, mp3, tr3
Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650 epub, pdf, html, txt, mp3
Barnes & Noble nook epub, pdb, pdf, mp3

*Though not considered as an eBook reader, this gadget has the capability to view eBooks through its iBook software and other eReader applications.

For more list, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_e-book_readers

A sample eBook on iPad

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