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We are now offering eBook/ePub creation

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Digital Magazines

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Data Entry

Data entry services have become most useful for periodical publishing, academic publishing, directory publishing, newspaper publishing, and book publishing. Such technical assistance allows publishers have content digitized quickly and achieving the highest level of accuracy.

Thus, data entry/data processing is vital to success in publishing. It requires a serious commitment to best practices and a strict adherence to standards for accuracy, format, and quality. MTC assists publishers who do not have a manuscript in an appropriate electronic format. The goal is to provide a reliable, fast, and inexpensive service to convert a paper or electronic manuscript into a desired standard digital format. Our process provides a high degree of accuracy for an incomparable price.

Publishers’ needs include data entry of hardcopy to create electronic versions such as the services are listed below.

  • Digizing books and journals from print or a variety of DTDs
  • Entering content data for technical manuals and guides
  • Creating digital prototypes for books and journals
  • Digitizing newsletters and technical newspapers
  • Data entry supporting tabular material in science, engineering, business, technical, mathematical, and statistics books
  • Many publishing programs have found that optimum profit in terms of revenue and business process is derived by contracting external services to digitize data. Outsourcing of this process also helps to increase productivity, thus helping to sustain a vital publishing industry.

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