Manila Typesetting Company

MTC was founded in 2007 by Michael Angless and Paul Hartley. Sadly Michael died in February 2017.

MTC is dedicated to providing high-quality products and responsive customer service to publishers of all materials in support of research worldwide.

We are pleased to report an increasing number of client projects that we have been receiving at our office in Makati City, the main business and financial district of Metro Manila. This has supported a parallel increase in staff to properly service our new clients at true MTC-quality levels.


Paul Hartley manages the Manila operation. Paul has 30 years of experience in information technology along with workflow and operations management, by which he serves as the lifeblood and driving force of our company. He picks up where he left off on the partnership that he previously shared with his co-founder, the late Michael Angless.

The staff in Manila has a unique pedigree of adhering to best practices and high standards throughout the operation. Scholarly and STM books and journals present challenging composition requirements. MTC staff recognize the need for accuracy, attention to detail, and an astute degree of understanding the unique community served by professional and scholarly publishers…and the publishers themselves.

Members of the MTC staff consider their work a part of the search for understanding the world around us. They are dedicated to assisting researchers and scholars through their publishers to increase the body of knowledge within each discipline. They are committed to facilitating the creation of each knowledge base in an ever-changing, ever-demanding environment—at whichever step in the process MTC services can contribute.